Il Corso dell'Olimpo Cane Corso Kennel in Rome, Italy - Breeder of the Cane Corso

Il Corso dell'Olimpo, a cane corso dog kennel based in Fiumicino (Rome - Italy), was founded in 1998.
Managed by two friends, Vivian and Nico, both driven by a strong passion for this magnificent breed of dog, Il Corso dell'Olimpo proposes itself as a reality with solid roots in the wonderful world of breeding and training of cane corso, which projects itself not only to the Italian panorama of dog and cane corso lovers, but also to the European and worldwide panorama.

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Our breeding of cane corso is based on the selection of female dogs, thanks to which we have been able to successfully create dog families and bloodlines of quality.

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Our Dogs

In this section of the website, you can browse the files referring to the cane corso that are currently with us at Il Corso dell'Olimpo. You will be able to find cards regarding: the females, the adult males (stallions) and the current litters. Moreover, in this area you will also have access to the files of our dogs around the world.

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Cession & Fostering

At Il Corso dell'Olimpo we do our best to find and foster our cane corso puppies to those who have a genuine passion for this magnificent breed of dog, so as to ensure both the happiness of the new owner and that of the four-legged animal we have raised!

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Our Puppies


Cane Corso A Brief Introduction to this Wonderful Canine Breed

Strong, medium to large in size, with highly developed musculature and a head of significant size, while remaining in proportion to the features of the body, the cane corso is a breed with ancient Italian roots.
Cane corso is a direct descendant of the so-called Roman 'canis pugnax', which was certainly one of the factors behind the might of ancient Rome.
As far as the etymological origin of the name is concerned, there is more than one school of thought: a word of Latin derivation? Greek? Other scholars claim that the name 'Corso' derives from an ancient Celtic-Proven├žal meaning of 'strong'.
There is much to be said, a lot to be written about this breed of dog that we are so fond of.

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